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Massage Services

Wide range of different massage services to help you relax and relief.

  • Thai Oil Massage by Photara Thai Massage

    Thai Oil Massage

    A relaxing full body massage starting with focusing on your back, shoulders, feet, legs, hands and your head by long strokes, kneeing and friction…
  • Traditional Thai Massage by Photara Thai Massage

    Thai Massage

    Thai style massage use both palm and thumb to pressure point, stretching of your whole body. Thai Massage is concentrated on the back, legs and…
  • Relaxing Oil Massage by Photara Thai Massage

    Relaxing Oil Massage

    Use essential oils to change the mood and alleviate pain. It is beneficial for people who suffer from hay fever, restless legs and asthma.
  • Remedial Massage by Photara Thai Massage

    Remedial Massage

    Remedial Massage is a type of massage therapy that focus on the deeper of muscle tissue release of tension areas such as stiff, low back, tightness…
  • Foot Reflexology by Photara Thai Massage

    Foot Reflexology

    Foot Massage is a gentle massage on your feet and legs with deeper relaxing massage, use a special balm followed by pressure point to improve…
  • Massage Gift Voucher by Photara Thai Massage

    Massage Voucher

    Give your family, friends and colleagues the gift of relaxation with a personalised gift voucher from Photara Thai Massage. They are sure to…
Photara Thai Massage Sydney

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